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  • Macalla Platform By Roamware

    The Roamware Macalla Platform enables a wide range of innovative mobile financial services. All of these services can be undertaken both nationally and internationally as the Roamware Macalla Platform is multi-lingual and multi-currency. Services include: Mobile Top-up (national and... Read More
  • Maestro By Artisan Software

    Artisan Software offers very cost effective, robust & flexible user controlled commission & fee processing software on a unified technology platform that in addition provides: • Electronic Interfaces to Clearing Firms, Funds, DTCC, IPS, & Custodians • Hosted Solution – No server or hardware... Read More
  • Mailing Software By Melissa

    Improve Address Quality and Mail Deliverability with Easy-to-Use Software Melissa Data delivers industry-leading address verification and data management solutions for anyone that collects, maintains, or mails to contact lists. Our address management solutions help mailers, marketers and... Read More
  • Managed Services By AKA Enterprise Solutions

    Green Beacon Solutions Managed Services is an integrated offering portfolio for organizations requiring on-demand and cost-effective management services for their CRM and ERP applications. Our offerings keep our client’s critical applications running and their business secure. As a trusted... Read More
  • Mark IV Mortgage & Consumer Loan Processing Software By Cypress Software Systems LP

    Cypress Mark IV is the market leading solution for automating some or all of your underwriting processes. With Mark IV, credit applications are tracked from point of entry through investigation, debts reconciliation and decision processes, to point of funding. Mark IV offers... Read More
  • Marketing Automation By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Ongoing behavior (in our world, this includes both online and offline activities) determines what, when and how you communicate and engage with your audience. Behaviors and activities help deliver the right content at the right time. Even the absence of behavior or engagement can be considered a... Read More
  • Markit Loan Pricing By Markit WSO

    Markit is the leading source of independent, daily syndicated loan pricing, providing price transparency on more than 6,500 syndicated loan facilities. Over seven years of historical data is available. The Markit Loan Pricing service is supported by over 60 global sell-side desks active in loan... Read More
  • Markit WSO Administrator By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Administrator is tailored for front-to-back office operations including trade entry, transaction processing, portfolio attribution reporting and portfolio reconciliation. Using dedicated loan functionality, Markit WSO Administrator allows managers to streamline operational costs by... Read More
  • Markit WSO Compliance By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Compliance automates the running of compliance tests required by the governing documents. Markit WSO Compliance supports cash flow, ABS and market-value CLOs, as well as Total Return Swap and Mutual Fund structures. Both cash and synthetic deal types are supported. Read More
  • Markit WSO Reporting By Markit WSO

    Markit WSO Reporting provides immediate access to over 130 standard accounting and portfolio analysis reports with dynamic properties and full report descriptions. Read More
  • Markit WSOFax By Markit WSO

    Markit WSOFax is an online document management service that provides a common repository for incoming notices and the ability to access categorised documents. Markit WSOFax is used by the majority of the loan managers to effectively and efficiently handle the inbound Agent Notices they receive... Read More
  • Markit WSOWeb By Markit WSO

    Markit WSOWeb is a web-based application that allows access to real-time position data and reporting for clients who choose to outsource their back office operations. Markit WSOWeb allows you to see the position updates in real time, to update or override ratings, industry codes, market prices... Read More
  • MAUI Cloud Services By Infovisa, Inc.

    MAUI Cloud Services is for those firms that would rather not maintain additional internal technology infrastructure. This service delivers the MAUI suite of software in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. Clients of INFOVISA that utilize this service eliminate many of the system... Read More
  • MAUI Investment Manager By Infovisa, Inc.

    MAUI Investment Manager is the latest product to join the MAUI Suite of software. This product is a robust, integrated portfolio management system. MAUI Investment Manager eliminates the need for investment professionals to obtain a third-party relationship for modeling software, or managing... Read More
  • MAUI™ By Infovisa, Inc.

    Infovisa's core product is the MAUI trust accounting application suite which is offered as an in-house solution or through MAUI Cloud Services. MAUI was designed and built using our Innovation by Design™ approach which means that you must start with an intelligent system design. Our foundation... Read More
  • MAUIWeb™ By Infovisa, Inc.

    Infovisa's client internet access product is MAUIWeb. MAUIWeb provides our clients' customers with unparalleled reporting and access including full transaction history and 'as of' positions. Their customers have access to enhanced graphing features, "dashboard" functions, and the ability to... Read More
  • MaxxTrader By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    MaxxTrader, a part of FlexTrade’s comprehensive FX Enterprise Solutions package, is a white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow institutions to privately aggregate and issue price information to the markets and clientele,... Read More
  • Medical Record Analysis & Prior Authorization Automation By Parascript, LLC

    Whether processes involve handling and review of medical provider data or conversion of medical charts into ready-to-review records, Parascript software turns complex unstructured data into actionable information. To support provider efficacy and quality control audits, software based upon the... Read More
  • MemberCheck By MemberCheck

    MemberCheck is a service designed to assist reporting entities to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislation in an efficient and cost effective manner. It utilises Dow Jones Watchlists, the most detailed and accurate global list, available today, of Politically... Read More
  • MemberCheck Services By MemberCheck

    MemberCheck also comes with dynamic features helping you perform single and batch scans of your entire client base, set strictly-defined role-based access and workflow for your users, run automated daily PEP Checks and Sanctions Checks, and create customised in-depth reports and whitelists Read More
  • Merchant Acquisition and Onboarding By Zoot Enterprises

    Zoot’s solution enables merchant acquirers to efficiently onboard new merchants and monitor their existing merchant accounts in order to effectively control costs and manage risk. Read More
  • Meridian By activePDF

    activePDF Meridian is a robust, server-based enterprise-wide network PDF printer. There are no per user or per document fees. PDF settings and options are controlled at the administrator level guaranteeing pixel-perfect PDF file output. Individual printers can be created with custom settings for... Read More
  • Message Security - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    Erado’s Email Message Security has two options; to protect your user’s inboxes. Both include virus and malware filtering for complete protection. - Traditional spam filtering - Anti-virus, malware, and phishing - Automatic quarantine Read More
  • miBanking OSS By Zafin Labs

    miBanking OSS offers innovative operation support solutions for Financial Service Providers. Operational solutions can be used as a strategic tool in day-to-day activities - performing physical cash optimization, enabling better channel optimization and ensuring effective customer acquisition... Read More
  • miBilling By Zafin Labs

    miBilling provides a comprehensive platform for configuring billing and posting logic including setting up complex billing and statement rules for straight through processing with no manual intervention. The Billing Engine provides the following key functionalities: Define account settings... Read More
  • miCashOptimizer By Zafin Labs

    Key features: Balance Management allows an online calculation of balances based on data received from external systems, including balance reconciliation processes, interest calculations and insurance costs. Optimization Management enables the forecasting of cash usage based on historical... Read More
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM By AKA Enterprise Solutions

    As the financial services industry continues to consolidate and expand, banks and investment firms require new and innovative strategies to remain competitive, create growth opportunities, and contribute to the bottom line. You can gain greater insight into your customers' needs by: * Offering... Read More
  • miEarnings By Zafin Labs

    miEarnings delivers simulation and reporting capabilities to enhance product manufacturing. The module provides the : Product and/or Segment Managers with the ability to complete “What If” Analysis to determine revenue, costs and profitability impacts of possible new product pricing... Read More
  • Migrate While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Perform most upgrade and migration work during the normal workweek - Achieve huge savings by reducing downtime from days to minutes - Reduce costs by consolidating servers using many-to-one replication/synchronization Migrate While Active™ eliminates the pain normally associated with... Read More
  • miLoyalty By Zafin Labs

    miLoyalty provides a single platform to enable end to end enterprise loyalty based strategies. The key components of success of a loyalty program include: Program Design: The design of a program should ensure that the loyalty program appeals across the enterprise: Customer value enhances as... Read More
  • MIMICS Financial Software Systems By MIMICS, Inc.

    MIMICS provides financial software to the financial services industry in the U.S. and overseas. For over 30 years, we have been offering high quality products that are cost-effective and flexible, and our clients represent banks, brokerage firms, fund managers, insurance companies and central... Read More
  • MIMIX High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Eliminate the business costs and consequences of downtime. - Easily comply with data protection and availability regulations. - Minimize high availability administration costs and maximize data integrity. Built for the most demanding enterprises, MIMIX HA for i5/OS® protects business... Read More
  • miPricing By Zafin Labs

    miPricing enables innovative product manufacturing, relationship-based pricing, and customer-centric billing capabilities. The module has two main components: The Active Product Catalogue acts as a central point of truth within the library of products and packages that most banks offer. Its... Read More
  • miRevenue Solutions Suite By Zafin Labs

    miRevenue Solutions Suite has been designed to enable innovative capabilities for the leaders in financial services. The Suite offers enhanced product manufacturing, including dynamic relationship pricing, product bundling, revenue management and enterprise loyalty capabilities. The Suite is... Read More
  • miSite By Zafin Labs

    miSite allows banks to apply enhanced security protocols and procedures to any system within the bank or planned system to be deployed. This centralized security control system is fundamentally concerned with two things, users and data. Rather than the typical J2EE application, an SOA service... Read More
  • Mobile Banking By ACI Worldwide

    ACI Mobile Banking offers community financial institutions flexibility, speed and choice, allowing banks to respond quickly to the specific needs of consumers and businesses with mobile banking services such as balances, transfers, ACH authorizations and more. Mobile Banking leverages the power... Read More
  • Mobile Banking By Clayfin

    The mobile is no longer just a communication device. It has become your customer’s identity and your point of entry into his or her life. Clayfin’s Mobile Banking Channel, with its engagement tools such as Dateline and PFM, will make you your customer’s financial companion. Read More
  • Mobile Deposit By Mitek Systems

    Mobile Deposit® Essential to your Mobile Banking Strategy Mobile Deposit® from Mitek Systems, Inc. enables financial services organizations to offer remote deposit capture as a mobile solution to consumers and business customers. Mobile Deposit® helps financial institutions win in the... Read More
  • Mobile Photo Bill Pay By Mitek Systems

    Millions of consumers use electronic bill pay to pay their bills online. This technology is wellestablished for about half the market — creating the opportunity to reach the other half of the market using a different approach. Banks that offer this service have been searching for new ways to... Read More
  • Momentum Analytics Platform By Trendrating

    Trendrating is the leading provider of momentum models, analytics and software. Our momentum model captures key trends earlier and filters out price noise. The result is a unique “ momentum rating” system that can strengthen and complement the investment decision process. Read More
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities through MBS Expert® By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    MBS Expert is an operationally-efficient Mortgage Backed Securities system for front- and middle-office functions. Among broker dealers and asset managers, MBS Expert is the most widely used post-trade Mortgage Backed Securities system that supports large volume throughput while mitigating trade... Read More
  • Mottai - Front-End Broker Trader Solution By FlexTrade Systems Inc.

    Mottai is a fully integrated, web-based front-end trading solution combining market data and leading edge risk management and trading tools for brokers. Mottai is multi-currency, multi-market and multi-asset class, and offers mobility and easy deployment across branches. Trading... Read More
  • Moxy® By SS&C Advent Software

    Moxy® integrates and streamlines all aspects of the investment management process, from portfolio construction through settlement. With easy access to critical data, a simple interface, and unmatched connectivity with counterparties, Moxy® provides a stable, centralized location for making and... Read More
  • MQ Certificate Management By Avada Software

    Middleware & Integration Admins need complete visibility and control over their SSL environments to preempt security breaches, outages & compliance issues. Managing your MQ Certificates can sometimes feel like a full time job involving a thorough knowledge of ikeyman & commands like strmgikm.... Read More
  • MuleSoft Systems Integration By WHISHWORKS

    Recognising MuleSoft as the platform of choice for the modern enterprise, we have invested in and developed our MuleSoft expertise over a number of years, through our Centre of Excellence. We are a MuleSoft strategic partner, systems integrator, value-added reseller, connector developer, and... Read More
  • Multi-Layered VoIP Security By Radware Ltd

    VoIP communication brings another dimension into the security challenge by introducing both control (signaling) and content (voice) parallel channels which together form the VoIP service. The dependence of these channels on one another drastically increases the risk that VoIP service can be... Read More