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  • iCON By Financial Database Services

    Icon is a enterprise-wide Business Intelligence & Reporting solution. This powerful BI tool provides easy navigation through critical data elements of your business. Icon is a web-based reporting solution which utilizes a SOAS archtecture and modern protocols to generate reports from any mutiple... Read More
  • iCore360® By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

    iCore360 is a fully web-enabled, full-featured and award-winning core processing software with features and personal support you cannot find anywhere else. Designed on today's most advanced web-based architecture and Oracle database, iCore360 is easily adaptable, scalable, efficient and... Read More
  • IGetMail By Lockstep Systems, Inc.

    When you have a Microsoft Exchange Server AND you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your company’s Internet domain or website, you will experience an email routing problem. Your employees’ incoming email messages are sent to the ISP’s email servers. Microsoft Exchange Server... Read More
  • Image Archive By FISC Solutions

    Easily provide check images to customers, research exception items, or query payments with seamless access to your data through our secure proprietary online image archive, iWEB™. Read More
  • Image Fraud Analysis By SQN Banking Systems

    Automated comparison of signatures, check stock, payee name and ultraviolet ink Read More
  • Image Processing & Remote Capture By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

    DCI is a recognized leader in imaging technology and service, serving customers like you nationwide with the best in full-service image processing and remote capture. Your items and images are processed faster with more accuracy, even late in the day, by highly-trained and experienced... Read More
  • ImageScan Pro 490i Duplex ID Card & Document Scanner By Ambir Technology Inc.

    With superior card feeding, sharper imaging and a sleek design, the all new ImageScan™ Pro 490i duplex professional grade ID card and document scanner simultaneously scans both sides of a document, driver’s license, identity or insurance card in one pass. The ImageScan Pro 490i adeptly handles... Read More
  • impact℠ for Fixed Income Processing By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Broadridge's securities processing solutions are built upon best-practice standards and support the full trade lifecycle, from trade execution through confirmation, settlement, and accounting. Fixed income processing solutions from Broadridge include impact℠, the most widely used, operationally... Read More
  • In-building Wireless By Westell Technologies

    In-building wireless solutions including distributed antenna system (DAS) and small cell deployments have increased dramatically in the last decade and will continue to grow as more people use mobile devices and data-intensive services in venues such as stadiums, universities, airports, and... Read More
  • Infogix ACR By Infogix

    Automated Information Controls Software Solution for the Mainframe and Host-Based Environments The Infogix ACR product family is Infogix's Automated Information Controls platform of choice for mainframe and host-based computing environments. Within this product family, we offer balancing,... Read More
  • Infogix Assure By Infogix

    The Infogix Assure® solution is a next generation control product offering a robust set of automated information controls to help you detect and eliminate information errors. This product: Verifies, balances, reconciles and tracks your critical business information Control information... Read More
  • Infogix ER By Infogix

    When millions of transactions flow throughout your organization, you need a powerful, automated solution, one that is flexible and adaptable to your business needs so you can reconcile information on a daily or weekly basis, streamline close at month-end, and sustain ongoing regulatory reporting... Read More
  • Infogix Insight By Infogix

    As an information-intensive business you have a growing portfolio of automated controls to assure accurate, consistent, and reliable business processes and information. More controls are added and changed to remain synchronized with changing business needs and newly promulgated regulation.... Read More
  • INFORM Claims By INFORM Applications Inc.

    Provides web based data entry system for claims which can be reported to a TPA or insurance carrier. Complete demographic, financial and notes capabilities are integrated into this package. Location incident reporting is also available where large numbers of locations need to report incidents.... Read More
  • Infovisa Pricing Service By Infovisa, Inc.

    The Infovisa Pricing Service delivers price and other asset synoptic data to MAUI clients for the securities held in their accounts. On a nightly basis, through a completely automated process developed in its entirety by Infovisa, pricing requests from clients are immediately accepted and... Read More
  • Infrared360® By Avada Software

    Infrared360® is a Cloud-Native, Single-Interface Solution for Secure Administration, Monitoring, Synthetic Transactions, User Auditing, and Real-Time Analytics of All Your Enterprise Middleware Environments. Don’t let cloud platforms, containers, and other modern distributed architecture... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Application Server Monitoring By Avada Software

    Infrared360® is a lightweight but powerful Application Server Monitor and Management Solution – One interface for your entire Enterprise Middleware Environment: Role based Administration, Monitoring, Dashboards, User Auditing, Synthetic Messaging, and more. Stay ahead of server performance... Read More
  • Infrared360® for IBM IIB & ACE By Avada Software

    Agentless IIB/ACE (Broker) Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful IIB monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your integrated IIB/ACE & MQ environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and... Read More
  • Infrared360® for IBM MQ By Avada Software

    Agentless MQ Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful MQ monitor giving you ALL of the features for monitoring your MQ environment-including the MQ Appliance. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: Provides Proactive MQ... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Kafka By Avada Software

    Agentless Kafka Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful Kafka monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your integrated Kafka environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: 1. Provides... Read More
  • Infrared360® for TIBCO By Avada Software

    Agentless TIBCO EMS Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful TIBCO EMS monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your TIBCO EMS environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: 1. Provides... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Web Services By Avada Software

    Agentless Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful monitor that can leverage “The Internet of Relevant Things”™ Monitoring of IR360 to make it simple to focus on and monitor the things that matter in your enterprise transaction... Read More
  • InnoTrust By Innovest Systems

    Innovest provides technology-driven solutions to trust and wealth management companies. Innovest's flagship product, a trust accounting and reporting system, is a secure, integrated, real-time, accrual based system offered in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. This... Read More
  • InnoVue By Innovest Systems

    InnoVue allows you or clients to access account information anytime, anywhere. Using a standard web browser, users can access real-time easy-to-understand portfolio information at both summary and detail level. The feature rich functionality includes role based as-of-date client access to... Read More
  • InQuira for Contact Centers By InQuira, Inc.

    What if you could shorten resolution time and escalations by 50%? What if you could cut agent research time in half? What if you could lower agent training costs by 20%? With InQuira for Contact Centers, these kinds of results are not unusual. InQuira turns even novice agents into... Read More
  • InQuira for Web Self-Service By InQuira, Inc.

    What if you could increase customer satisfaction and shopping cart conversion by 30%? What if you could reduce escalations to your contact center by 75%? What if you could triple your customers’ use of self service? InQuira for Web Self Service delivers just these kinds of benefits.... Read More
  • InsideEdge By Softcom Technologies Corp.

    InsideEdge is the leading Business Performance Management Suite for the Contact Center. Leading candidates for the InsideEdge solution are banks with contact centers for collections or customer service. InsideEdge gives them the ability to monitor all types of enterprise stats including those of... Read More
  • Insite Banking Products By Automated Systems, Inc.

    Automated Systems, Inc. provides an array of integrated application solutions with the Insite Core to provide customers with competitive choices. This flexibility enables users to address the processing requirements associated with progressive customer service. The cost-effective, add-on... Read More
  • Insite Check Imaging By Automated Systems, Inc.

    The Insite Check Imaging solution is an integrated suite of check image software modules that combines check image capture, workflow, archival, retrieval, distribution, and exception item handling technologies seamlessly into the Insite Banking System application. Insite Check Imaging improves... Read More
  • Insite iDeposit By Automated Systems, Inc.

    iDeposit is an add-on module designed to assist with the process of opening new accounts. The functionality is embedded within ASI’s Insite Core and allows the generation of new account documents and disclosures customized by the financial institutions. iDeposit integrates with CSi’s IntelleDoc... Read More
  • Insite iDoc By Automated Systems, Inc.

    iDoc is a browser based document management and imaging product. It can image and track loan and deposit documents by utilizing barcode technology that will virtually eliminate manual data entry. iDoc helps mitigate risk by tracking and reporting on reoccurring, pending, and missing documents... Read More
  • Insite iPortal By Automated Systems, Inc.

    Automated Systems offers a bank portal solution specifically designed for community financial institutions. The Insite iPortal facilitates collaborative communication and seals the gaps between operators, management and directors. As the bank Intranet site, iPortal creates an efficient,... Read More
  • Insite iTeller By Automated Systems, Inc.

    Insite iTeller is an easy-to-use image teller solution, designed to assist tellers in conducting their daily business. Tellers can scan checks, create virtual transaction tickets, and print receipts, all from their workstations. Because data entry occurs at the teller window, processes that used... Read More
  • Insite Online Banking By Automated Systems, Inc.

    The Insite Online Banking System is the online solution that gives you a competitive advantage. It is simply the most robust and feature-rich system available to community banks today that can be fully integrated into the Insite core system. It can deliver real-time, interactive solutions to... Read More
  • InstaKey® ATM By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

    DCI’s InstaKey® ATM Card Services is your single solution for card and ATM services with comprehensive software, networking and service that expertly manage all of your ATM and POS transactions for you. One connection provides a single source for account entry, maintenance, card/PIN... Read More
  • Instant Decisioning Solution By Zoot Enterprises

    Zoot’s instant decisioning solution is a fully automated, web-based, end-to-end workflow – with decisioning outcomes emerging as quickly as your business requires them. Our decisioning solution can help negate the need for lengthy, manual credit-application assessments, and reduce costly... Read More
  • Integrated Advisor Desktop By NexJ Systems Inc.

    Financial Services firms can use NexJ Contact for Finance to seamlessly integrate NexJ’s best-of-breed CRM functionality with existing applications and data to provide their users with an integrated advisor desktop solution. Industry leading firms use NexJ's integrated advisor desktop... Read More
  • Integration & Customization By Cypress Software Systems LP

    Cypress Professional Services is your point of contact for systems integration, channel integration, and other customization projects with our loan origination platforms. Our team will work with you on business requirements definitions, specifications documentation, project management, delivery... Read More
  • Integrations By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Like most companies, you probably have more than one tool to cultivate leads and care for customers. You may have an email marketing app, social media tools, and more. incommand is designed to integrate with many of the sales programs available on the market today. Add incommand to the tools... Read More
  • Intelligent Site Management By Westell Technologies

    As wireless networks continue to grow rapidly, new challenges are facing service providers and tower operators. The core network has always had network management systems to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems but now these capabilities must be extended to all cell sites (new and... Read More
  • Interdependent Vulnerability Analysis By HTM: Business Endurance Solutions

    A service to determine how organizations are vulnerable to disaster; whether they be natural or man-made. The result is an organization with security built in to the business process, so security becomes natural and is not an extra step in the process. The company will be able to withstand and... Read More
  • International Trade Transaction Processing By Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

    Through its Gloss platform, Broadridge is the market-leading provider of advanced STP solutions for international and domestic institutional bank/brokerage operations. Gloss is market proven and highly scalable, and supports all sizes of operation from new start-up operations to some of the... Read More
  • Internet Banking By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

    DCI’s featured options for Internet Banking are simply the best in the industry, with all the functionality of even the largest institutions, at a value you can afford. DCI uses easily-understood customer and administrative interfaces so you won’t need additional technical expertise or... Read More
  • Internet Banking By Clayfin

    We may take it for granted but we can’t live without it. Internet banking is still a big part of the customer-banking interactions; that’s why we are constantly at work to make it more engaging, intelligent, intuitive and user friendly. Clayfin’s Internet Banking focuses on delighting customers... Read More
  • Investment Accounting By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

    Eagle offers a multi-currency, multi-basis investment accounting solution that enables a consolidated view of your firm’s global accounting books. When supporting multiple business lines across global markets, real-time access to investment data is available. As a result, your organization can... Read More
  • Investment Cafe By eFront

    Investment Café by eFront is an advanced investor reporting system that enables fund managers to instantly and securely communicate and disseminate information to investors around the world. Investors can securely login with any web browser and see valuable and timely information about the fund... Read More
  • InvestmentManager™ By Odyssey Financial Technologies

    InvestmentManager™ is the leading front office solution for enhanced portfolio management and unrivalled decision support. It gives portfolio managers control, enabling faster and easier tracking of the investment process. InvestmentManager™ provides sophisticated portfolio modelling,... Read More
  • Invoice-to-Pay By MineralTree

    Designed for growing middle-market businesses using Intacct®, NetSuite®, Microsoft Dynamics® GP or QuickBooks®, MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay automates and improves the entire AP and payments process: from invoice data capture and document management, invoice routing and approval, all the way to... Read More
  • IO.Anywhere By IO

    IO’s Enterprise Data Center Platform enables a fundamental shift in the way data centers are assembled, consumed and operated. By providing the interconnection of business, IT and data center facilities you will achieve excellence in data center operations management. The platform consists of... Read More
  • IPBS/Banking By International Private Banking Systems

    Managing traditional Banking Operations in a Wealth Management environment. -Client Cash and Treasury Operations -Deposits & Loans -Foreign Exchange -Payments and Transfers ( SWIFT ) -Mortgages -Integrated Accounting Read More
  • IPBS/Business Manager By International Private Banking Systems

    Providing the governing framework for managing clients and related parties from a KYC/AML viewpoint as well as defining and documenting simple or complex structures for Individuals, Trusts, Partnerships, Foundations, and any other legal or quasi legal entities found in a Wealth Management... Read More
  • IPBS/e-Banking By International Private Banking Systems

    Provides client or relationship manager access to relevant client related information in the Wealth Management or Private Banking environment. -Real time or delayed access -Business Entity (account) level account selection. -High level reporting using user selectable parameters -User generated... Read More
  • IPBS/Funds By International Private Banking Systems

    Managing Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts in a Wealth Management environment. -Cash Management -Investment Management -Integrated Corporate Action -Sophisticate Trading Gain/Loss Accounting -Foreign Exchange Management -Investment Revaluation -Foreign Exchange Revaluation -Integrated General Ledger... Read More
  • IPBS/Investments By International Private Banking Systems

    Managing Client Investments in a Wealth Management environment. -Portfolio Structuring and Asset Allocation -Portfolio Modeling -Order Entry -Order Dealing -Trade Settlements -Valuation & Performance -Portfolio Rebalancing Read More
  • IPBS/Share Registry By International Private Banking Systems

    Managing Fund Share Registry or Transfer Agency Record Keeping in a Wealth Management environment. -Common Shareholder Database -Joint tenancy holdings -Unit Trading or Cash Sweep to Units -Automatic Bid Offer Pricing -Integrated Commission Accounting -Shareholder Dividend Processing -Cheque... Read More
  • IPBS/Trusts By International Private Banking Systems

    Managing Trust and Client Accounting in a Wealth Management environment. -General Ledger Accounting to Financial Statements -Multi-Currency -Multi-Entity -Cash Management -Asset Management including Non Investment Assets -Asset Revaluation -Distributions -Third Party Aggregation Read More
  • iSCORE By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    A FREE utility for analyzing the overall health of your System i and IBM i environments. This no license, web-downloadable (8MB) software utility for IBM i (i5/OS) environments thoroughly analyzes health metrics, then generates an easy to understand, brief report that shows an overall health... Read More
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's IT/data center infrastructure products include network server enclosures (wallmount or freestanding), server racks, UPSs, cooling systems, power distribution units, KVM consoles, cable management solutions, and system monitoring and security units. Its range of IT solutions can be... Read More
  • Item Processing By FISC Solutions

    Check processing solutions for financial institutions, including full image exchange, remote deposit capture, merchant capture, and image ATM. Read More
  • iTera High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Increase supplier, employee and customer satisfaction by protecting system availability. - Ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity regulations. - Protect your systems, your data and your budget. iTERA HA for i5/OS is a highly autonomic, full-featured high... Read More