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  • Access Auditor By Security Compliance Corporation

    Access Auditor streamlines and automates the discovery, review, reporting, and alerting of user access rights with an easy-to-use web-based application. Forget the spreadsheets, and let Access Auditor simplify your user entitlement reviews. The Fuzzy ID discovers and links users from disparate... Read More
  • Access Insight - Access Intelligence Engine By SecureAuth

    Access Insight is the industry's first Access Intelligence solution designed to help organizations identify, quantify and manage risk — seeing not only where the risk resides, but the level of risk as well. Access Insight constantly analyzes IAM and other security data from access governance,... Read More
  • Access Manager By Security Compliance Corporation

    The Access Manager makes user account provisioning fast and simple. SCC takes a unique approach to its Identity Management (IDM) suite, giving you the power, speed, and flexibility to ensure success. Traditional IDM tools require months of professional services and developer programming or... Read More
  • Access Risk Management Suite By SecureAuth

    In today's dynamic business environment, it's critical for organizations to protect themselves on all fronts — on-premise, mobile, cloud and virtual environments. Courion takes Access Risk Management to the next level, providing organizations with a comprehensive, best practices solution for... Read More
  • Account Reconciliation Software By BlackLine

    Account reconciliations are a critical control for compliance and for accurate financial reporting. For many companies, the financial close process is an ongoing attempt to organize and track thousands of spreadsheets across many locations. Reconciling accounts is a manual, labor-intensive... Read More
  • AccountCourier - User Account Provisioning By SecureAuth

    AccountCourier delivers rapid business impact through automated user provisioning more rapidly and with less risk than competing solutions. AccountCourier is based on a flexible, standards-based platform that leverages existing technology investments without forcing your organization to change... Read More
  • Accounting By VestServe

    Key Features: - Portfolio contribution and attribution - Compute returns in various currencies - Yield curve analysis Read More
  • Accounts Receivable Management Software By CoreCard

    CoreCard's accounts receivable management solution was built to manage the most complex repayment options for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and finance companies. Some of its capabilities include deferred payments, revolving credit, extended payment terms, same as cash programs and... Read More
  • ACH Dispute Xpress By ACH Alert, LLC

    ACH Dispute Xpress relieves the pain of dealing with unauthorized ACH Disputes for financial institutions and more importantly their customers/members. Instead of coming into a branch to fill out the required form, financial institutions can allow customers/members to securely access a... Read More
  • ACH Universal By Treasury Software

    ACH Universal allows you to easily create ACH transactions for: • Direct Deposit for employees • Collections from customers • Payments to vendors and governmental agencies • Consolidating funds between accounts in different banks Read More
  • ACORD AL3 Editor Software (AEV) By Terrace Software, Inc.

    Terrace AEV is a handy desktop file editor for opening, viewing and editing AL3 files. ACORD AL3 files are organized in a multi-level dynamically formatted manner which makes editing and viewing cumbersome. AEV uses the ACORD AL3 standard to properly parse and segment this data in an easy to... Read More

    ACTICO Rules enables companies to decouple their business logic from applications and processes. Business users can change business logic whenever needed and independent of IT release cycles. The result: greater business agility, efficiency and traceability. Read More
  • Active Data Calendar By Active Data, Inc.

    Active Data Exchange has been providing web-based calendaring, event marketing, event registration, and information broadcasting solutions since 1999. Our flagship product, Active Data Calendar, allows for events to be managed from initial marketing of the event, booking of facilities and... Read More
  • Activity Recorder By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Most salespeople know that every interaction with a contact can move them closer to a sale. When your contact reaches out to you, you need to know about all of the interactions that they’ve had with your company. Refresh your memory with incommand’s Activity Recorder feature. This captures... Read More
  • Adaptive Skill Diagnostics By Richardson

    We have a variety of tools to diagnose the current skills of sales professionals and sales leaders. The results can be used for developmental coaching, individual training, and to provide leadership with insights into the capabilities of their sales organization. Read More
  • Advantec 75 Advance Currency Counter By Cassida USA

    Take the Next Step in Currency Counters The Advantec 75 is breakthrough in currency counters. Built to standards usually reserved for aircraft components, it combines speed, precision, and versatility into one heavy-duty machine. Packed with cutting-edge features and tested in ultra-demanding... Read More
  • Advent Direct® By SS&C Advent Software

    Picture a platform for launching personalized applications that enable people to access the data they need, the way they need to see it, on their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. That’s Advent Direct®, the platform that speeds development and delivery of intuitive solutions essential to your... Read More
  • Advent Direct® Data Services By SS&C Advent Software

    One source for all your data: Backed by over 20 years’ experience in solving data challenges, Advent Direct® Data Services is our next generation data platform providing a single source for data acquisition, normalization, and distribution. Securely receive and exchange data within your... Read More
  • Advent Direct® Investor Management By SS&C Advent Software

    The first of many planned solutions leveraging the Advent Direct® platform, Advent Direct® Investor Management empowers client-facing teams to more effectively manage and grow relationships. By providing easy access to actionable information about portfolios, products, and people, Advent Direct®... Read More
  • Advent Portfolio Exchange® By SS&C Advent Software

    For over 800 asset managers, wealth managers and family offices around the world,the game-changing solution is Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX), the first integrated portfolio management and client relationship management solution. And the first to span the entire enterprise—front, middle, and... Read More
  • Affinity™ Data Repository for Advisors By UNAPEN, Inc.

    Business Insight from One Centralized Portal! Don't Go Looking for Data, Let Information Find You! Affinity creates the infrastructure that allows Advisors to streamline and reduce effort for managing current business. Affinity also allows significant asset growth and profitability without... Read More
  • AFS Capital Markets By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    AFSVision syndications offers real-time, mobile-enabled servicing and administration automation to support syndicated and participated lending, including loan sales and trading, through a seamless, straight-through process across the entire syndicated loan lifecycle. AFSVision leverages... Read More
  • AFS Loan Origination By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    AFSVision’s streamlined, automated origination tools efficiently capture all relevant origination data into an electronic form to be used to analyze, approve, document, capture, fund, and book loans to the loan accounting system and move all information captured forward to the rest of the system... Read More
  • AFS Pricing Service By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    Manage your commercial loan pricing with real-time precision and regular market benchmarks. Together, the AFS Pricing Dashboard, the Pricing Guidance File and the AFS Commercial Loan Pricing Trends Newsletter offers a unique combination of market data, reporting, and consulting services to... Read More
  • AFS Reporting By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    A straight-through process provides reporting with the data integrity that you need. One of the many advantages of the AFSVision straight-through process is unparalleled reporting capabilities. Data integrity ensures legitimacy of results, and AFSVision’s flexibility ensures that the right... Read More
  • AFS Servicing By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    Respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently to customer requests. AFSVision facilitates integration into your processing, enabling you to provide customer access to account information, transactions, and milestones related to credit requests at any point in the lending process. In this era of... Read More
  • AFSVision By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    AFSVision is the only real-time, fully mobile and digital, front-to-back commercial lending system that integrates into your credit process to deliver the ultimate customer experience—on demand, anywhere, all the time. AFS has revolutionized lending systems with its global, fully digital... Read More
  • AFSVision Commercial Real Estate By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    AFSVision brings together all relevant information needed about real estate creating a comprehensive view of the relationship: Appraisals Filings Inspection Reports Environmental studies Additional Collateral Guarantor Information Underwriting Memos AFSVision combines the ability to capture... Read More
  • AFSVision Small Business By Automated Financial Systems, Inc. -- AFS

    Streamline your process without sacrificing flexibility. Built-in automation of time-consuming administration tasks frees you up to work closer with clients and reach your business objectives while increasing revenue. We understand how vital it is for small business lenders to have the... Read More
  • AgExam By Suntell

    Agricultural cash flow and collateral analysis Standardized agricultural financial statements Detailed supporting schedules Projected cash flow statement In-depth performance ratio analysis User-defined scoring Detailed collateral valuation, inspection & field... Read More
  • All in One: PortalGuard By PistolStar, Inc.

    PortalGuard is a secure, central integration portal software that is suited to fit both on-premises and cloud-based environments. From secure single sign-on and self-service password reset to seamless integration and brandability. Features: Single Sign-On Self-Service Password... Read More
  • AML Onboarding and Monitoring By ComplyAdvantage

    Screen entities faster and more efficiently with continuously enriched AML and CFT data. Automate onboarding and monitoring KYC processes, and reduce false positives, by screening against the cleanest global coverage of Sanctions and Watchlists, PEPs and Adverse Media. Our configurable... Read More
  • AML Transaction Monitoring By ComplyAdvantage

    AML Transaction Monitoring Solution to automatically monitor customer transactions and screen suspicious financial activity. Better identify changes in behavior and be alerted to typical money laundering scenarios, with deeper insight into the risk patterns of all parties in the transaction.... Read More
  • Analytics By VestServe

    Key Features: - Automatically projects cash flows and valuations user chooses, enabling “what if” and side-by-side scenario analyses - Supports required fee structures at every level - Reconcile daily activity with custodians using reports that show matched and unmatched records for correction... Read More
  • Analytics By Robert E. Nolan Company

    Nolan provides services designed specifically to help insurers effectively adopt and manage analytic capabilities across the enterprise. These include: INSURANCE ANALYTICS ANALYTICS MATURITY MODEL REVIEW EFFECTIVELY APPLYING ANALYTIC CAPABILITIES ANALYTICS AS AN ENTERPRISE SERVICE Read More
  • Analytics - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    The Elements™ of a Comprehensive Compliance Automation Platform. Our compliance platform takes you to the site. Our automated supervisory and compliance service utilizes deep-scan technology to search email, email attachments, instant messages, Bloomberg Mail, and social media posts for your... Read More
  • Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeSEEKER® is a powerful data mining solution which offers data profiling, advanced data visualization and decision tree capabilities that enable both business and expert users to segment attributes and determine relationships between variables in large business data... Read More
  • Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeSTUDIO® is an advanced data mining and predictive analytics suite for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle - profiling, exploration, modeling, implementation, scoring, validation, monitoring and building scorecards - all in a high performance visual... Read More
  • Angoss StrategyBUILDER By Angoss Software Corporation

    StrategyBUILDER™ is an additional module for KnowledgeSEEKER® and KnowledgeSTUDIO® and offers the ability to design, verify, and deploy the necessary predictive and business rules to execute your sales, marketing or risk strategies. StrategyBUILDER is widely used by marketing, sales and risk... Read More
  • Anti-Money Laundering Surveillance By Global RADAR

    -Quickly customizable software to address your institution’s unique requirements -Configure alert tolerances based on transactions -Automatic analysis of transaction patterns, accounts and client portfolios -Behavioral profiling of transaction activity -Generates an extensive library of reports... Read More
  • API Banking By Clayfin

    Embed yourself in the customer’s world. Instead of customers interacting with their ERP systems and the bank’s channels separately, Clayfin's Corporate Banking APIs handle banking directly from the ERP. These secure APIs can be integrated within the corporate ERP system to fetch balances,... Read More
  • Application Performance Management By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot M6 provides 360 degree situational awareness™ across both the distributed and mainframe tiers. It can improve the performance of your applications, help squeeze the stealth waste out of your business processes and prevent problems before they put you out of business. The... Read More
  • AppMark Loan Decision-Making Analytics By Cypress Software Systems LP

    APPmark is a hosted solution designed for automating some, or all, of your consumer underwriting processes. With your data housed in our Internet Data Center, AppMark is delivered to your desktop using state-of-the-art secure access technology - all that’s needed to get started is a computer... Read More
  • APSecure Loan Check Printing Software By AP Technology

    APSecure Loan Check printing Software interfaces with your back-end loan processing application to streamline loan servicing disbursements and enhance overall fraud control. APSecure offers functionality to print on-demand checks or batches of checks at branch offices or at a single location,... Read More
  • APSecure Wealth Management Check Printing Software By AP Technology

    APSecure Wealth Management Check Printing Software interfaces with your core wealth system to streamline disbursement of wealth portfolio checks for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and small business owner clients, while enhancing overall fraud control. APSecure offers functionlity to... Read More
  • APSecure-BOC Branch Official Check Printing Software By AP Technology

    Streamline the process of official check printing at branch locations while enhancing overall fraud control, with APSecure Branch Official Check Printing Software. This innovative web-based solution offers official check-printing functionality - enabling on-demand check requests, check-approval... Read More
  • APSecure-ROC Remote Official Check Printing Software By AP Technology

    Partners, affiliates, and clients of financial institutions(FI), such as title & escrow, law offices and insurance, can print official checks onsite with print-process management centralized at your financial institution with APSecure Remote Official Check Printing Software. This web-based... Read More
  • Archiving - Elements Compliance Platform by Erado By Erado

    Email Archiving and Journaling Hosted Email Archiving utilizes industry standard journaling technology. All incoming, outgoing, and internal emails are instantly captured and securely delivered. Social Media Archiving and Journaling Erado’s Social Media Archiving service captures wall... Read More
  • ARM-Pro By Intelligent Banking Solutions

    The premier provider of collection and recovery automation for financial institutions. Over 900 clients nationwide, twenty two years of experience, our scalable client configurable COLLECTION AND ASSET RECOVERY MANAGER – PROFESSIONAL offers pay-by-phone, integrates with SoundBite (voice... Read More
  • Ascent Auto Recon By Ascent Technology Consulting

    Ascent Recon is a first in industry readily configurable real-time, powerful reconciliation solution which provides an end-to-end enterprise-wide scalable solution to manage reconciliation and handle exceptions for complex business processes. Read More
  • Ascent BCM Software-Phoenix By Ascent Technology Consulting

    Our Enterprise business continuity Solution software is a uniquely comprehensive solution that will enable your enterprise to meet its Business Continuity Management objectives – efficiently, effectively and consistently Read More
  • Ascent Escrow-PROMART (property Management software ) By Ascent Technology Consulting

    Ascent Promart is end-to-end Project and Property lifecycle management is complete customizable solution and incorporates entire life cycle support for property based finances management with automatic transitioning to corresponding phases. Read More
  • ASI Client Acquisition Tool By Advisor Software Inc.

    ASI Client Acquisition Solution streamlines portfolio construction and proposal generation. This solution enables financial service providers and their advisors to deliver more personalized portfolios for their clients. ASI Client Acquisition Solution is used today by tens of thousands of... Read More
  • ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution By Advisor Software Inc.

    ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution delivers a competitive advantage for financial service providers-streamlining and increasing the flexibility of the portfolio rebalancing process. Easily configurable to the way each advisor conducts business, the solution can be customized according to asset... Read More
  • ATM Processing By Elan Financial Services

    Dependable. Available. Sustainable. Our ATM processing solutions are designed for success. Robust technology maximizes your ATM uptime and revenue. Online tools help you efficiently manage your ATM fleet. And comprehensive support ensures we’re available 24/7. Read More
  • Automated Business Banking™ By Generated Systems Technologies, Inc.

    The Automated Business Banking system allows a bank customer to access the bank’s Cash Management services without having to manually log on to an online system(s). This saves the customer time and can drive bank revenue. Automated Business Banking is extremely easy to install and set up. The... Read More
  • Automated Check Issues™ By Generated Systems Technologies, Inc.

    Positive Pay is the most effective check fraud prevention device available, according to the Government Finance Officers Association Recommended Practice. However, offering this vital service to business banking customers has been challenging for banks. The reason for this is twofold. First,... Read More
  • Automated Report Delivery™ By Generated Systems Technologies, Inc.

    The Automated Report Delivery system enables a customer to retrieve both reports and files automatically without having to manually log on to the bank’s online Cash Management system. This saves the customer time and automates their bank reporting procedures. Security is achieved using bank... Read More
  • Automated Signature Verification By SQN Banking Systems

    Automated Signature Verification and Visual Signature Verification for checks. Read More
  • AutoPilot for Cloud By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot provides end-to-end visibility from the datacenter to the cloud and back AutoPilot's Cloud governance technology provides the automation necessary to rapidly realize the benefits of monitoring application and transaction performance in a cloud computing environment and ensure... Read More
  • AutoPilot for Insurance By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for the insurance industry Industry leading insurance providers are implementing Nastel AutoPilot’s Business Transaction Performance™ solution in order to ensure they can achieve their strategic goals of providing excellent customer... Read More
  • AutoPilot M6 By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel's AutoPilot M6 Suite gives you the most flexible, powerful mechanism for managing the performance of business transactions and complex composite applications. AutoPilot M6 gives you a 360° view of your entire IT environment to assure the successful and timely completion of your business... Read More
  • AutoPilot TransactionWorks By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    TransactionWorks is a Business Transaction Management (BTM) solution for monitoring the availability and performance of transactions spanning across tiers from the datacenter to the cloud. It automatically performs all of the tasks required for complete transaction message flow management.... Read More
  • AutoPilot® Heap Detective™ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    AutoPilot® Heap Detective™ helps detect these Java memory leaks. Heap Detective gathers all memory usage information for you in a straight-forward interface in order to pinpoint your leaks. Heap Detective find all objects in Heap capturing instance count, total size and average size. It reports... Read More
  • AutoPilot® MQSonar™ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    AutoPilot® MQSonar™ is a free tool for monitoring WebSphere MQ. MQSonar sends out a “ping”, waits for it to echo back and then analyzes the elapsed time for the message’s journey, hop-by-hop, there and back, similar to the networking tool, traceroute. Read More
  • AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

    Nastel AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ gives you the visibility and diagnostics you need to fix your MQ issues - all within a web browser - with absolutely no impact on production. Try it for FREE today! Read More
  • AutoRek By AutoRek

    AutoRek are experts in reconciliations, cash applications and financial management software, delivering cost and efficiency savings, improving speed and quality while reducing risks and errors. Our suite of financial management solutions dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of... Read More
  • AutoRek VanguARd By AutoRek

    VanguARd, our automated sales ledger cash applications tool is now the preferred solution for one of the world’s largest BPOs who process transactions for many of the globe’s largest organisations using sophisticated scanning interpretation we take any format of paper remittance advice and... Read More
  • Autospreader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    TT's Autospreader, which incorporates the patented MD Trader® interface, is the most powerful tool for spread traders. Autospreader is one of several automated trading applications build into TT's X_TRADER Pro. It helps create, manage and execute inter-product and cross-exchange spread trading... Read More
  • Autotrader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    An increasing number of traders-—from banks to proprietary traders to hedge funds--are relying on automated tools to optimize their trades. TT’s Autotrader is one of the most powerful auto-trading products on the market. This robust, flexible tool, which is one of several automated applications... Read More
  • Avista Agile™ Consumer Direct Platform By Finastra

    Avista Agile™ Consumer Direct is a private labeled, fully secure website that includes an online mortgage application with an instant pre-approval for consumers. The pre-approval letter includes consumer friendly Desktop Underwriter® automated underwriting conditions and lender specific... Read More
  • Avista Agile™ Correspondent Platform By Finastra

    Avista Agile™ Correspondent is a private labeled, fully secure comprehensive web solution for correspondent lenders. Correspondents have the ability to register and lock loans online and receive immediate confirmation that includes all pricing adjustments and service release premiums.... Read More
  • Avista Agile™ Retail Platform By Finastra

    Avista Agile™ Retail is a private labeled, fully secure comprehensive web solution for retail mortgage lenders. Website functionality includes the submission of data to DU® and LP® as well as credit, flood and appraisal vendors. There is also a pipeline view of all loans with loan-level access... Read More
  • Avista Agile™ Wholesale Platform By Finastra

    Avista Agile™ Wholesale is a private labeled, fully secure comprehensive web solution for wholesale lenders. Broker functionality includes the ability to register and lock loans online and receive immediate confirmation from the lender. Brokers receive decisions from DU® or LP® in minutes which... Read More
  • Avista ImageFlow By Finastra

    Avista ImageFlow is a fully integrated product that provides capabilities for electronic document management, records management, process automation, and workflow. Avista ImageFlow increases operational efficiency by extending access to documents, data and business processes to a wide range of... Read More
  • Avista Product Advisor By Finastra

    Avista Advisor is an integrated product and pricing engine that works across your wholesale, correspondent, and retail platforms. The pricing engine allows your users to perform product searches and return both qualified and disqualified products. It allows for up to the minute pricing updates... Read More