Effiya Technologies

Logix TechnoPark, Tower D, Sector 127
Noida, 201301

About Effiya Technologies

Effiya Technologies is a young, AI-driven, technology development company based in Singapore. We offer well-researched, state-of-the-art products in the areas of financial compliance and analytics, which efficiently delivers quick and real-time business support. Our suite of products and solutions are automated, dependable, and economical, as well as exclusively designed with a client-centric approach.

Competitors of Effiya Technologies


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Comply Radar

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Products by Effiya Technologies

By Effiya Technologies

Manage AML compliance regulations with AI The solution has a robust decision engine where AML rules can be easily configured by the relevant customer teams. It has a proprietary ML-based analytics engine, which is custom-built to manage the alerts, based on historical trends and customer... Read more »