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About Shuba Solutions

DocuB@se - Document Management System


DocuB@se is prepared, designed and build to help and accelerate document management process in an institution. DocuB@se is ideal for whom that work with huge number of documents, especially in banks, law firms or legal institutions.

DocuB@se is a robust tool to assist in managing all your documents, with sophisticated yet user-friendly features, you can tailor DocuB@se to fit your organizations’ needs.

You can share DocuB@se as well as designate appropriate access to it and DocuB@se’ reminder system will ensure you never forget extending any agreements or licenses.

Common Problem Related to Documents

Person-dependent data availability
Digital form availability
Version Management Problem
Lack of a centralized repository (Unorganized)
Searching for Documents takes too long
No archiving system

With such problems as mention above, it'll impact to In-efficiency such as: time, energy and resources.

What We Need

Manage and Centralize Digitalized Documents
Improving and Streamlining Process for Standardized, Better and Improve Document Management Process
Simplifying and Improving Documents Searching Process
Develop a Notification System Based on Documents Expiration Date
Develop a Comprehensive Document Management Tool that Easy to Operate
Improving Documents Manipulation and Report Generation System
Improving User Restriction and System Administration Console

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