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Curinos is the leading provider of data, technologies and insights that enable financial institutions to make better, and more profitable, data-driven decisions faster. Curinos brings to market a new level of industry expertise across deposits, lending and digital experience solutions and technologies. Our mission is to help our clients navigate the present and prepare for the future, enabling them to transform their business ahead of the competition.

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Redi2’s Revenue Manager™ manages the fee billing process, including client setup, multi-currency fee, and accrual calculations, revenue reconciliation and invoicing. This assists our clients in streamlining their billing process. Revenue Manager features a state of the art technology,... Read More


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Improve marketing efficiency with comprehensive cross-institution benchmarks and performance insights. Marketing Analyzer is the marketing measurement and optimization solution that provides a holistic picture of marketing performance, instilling confidence in the contribution of your efforts... Read more »

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Where banks come to learn and evolve. Curinos’ Digital Banking Analyzer provides regularly updated visuals and market-leading analysis of the digital banking arena. The DBA provides access to unique customer journeys across extensive brands in the United States, United Kingdom, and anywhere... Read more »

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Make better pricing decisions with access to comparative commercial deposit data and insights. Commercial Analyzer enables you to optimize your pricing strategy and operate more efficiently with data-driven pricing analytics and a leading source of market intelligence. Commercial Analyzer... Read more »

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Solving the Scale Challenge in Deposit Analytics for Community and Midsized Regional Banks

Solving the Scale Challenge in Deposit Analytics for Community and Midsized Regional Banks

Solving the Scale Challenge in Deposit Analytics for Community and Midsized Regional Banks

By Curinos

In today’s market, midsized regional and community banks face increased competition for deposits. To overcome their scale challenges and improve their competitive position, leading banks are arming themselves with powerful yet easy to use deposit analytics.
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