100 New U.S. Companies to Begin Using Contour BI 6.0

Press Release from Contour Components

June 6, 16

New York, NY

National Security Solutions, Inc.  and Contour Components, LLC announce the integration of Contour Components’ Business Intelligence platform Contour BI 6 with National Security Solutions’ ERP Financial System.

National Security Solutions, which has been using Contour Components’ ContourCube for over a decade, has now upgraded to the newest web-based, corporate level version of Contour BI, providing users with a ‘thin’ client for OLAP cubes and interactive dashboards.  Through the collaboration, over 100 new U.S. companies and approximately 10,000 new users will now analyze their business intelligence data inside the ERP Financial System powered by the highly interactive, visual dashboards of Contour BI 6.

About Contour BI

Contour BI is an easy-to-use platform for interactive reporting, data analysis and report distribution. The Contour BI platform provides access to all corporate data sources, builds interactive reports with zero programming and publishes interactive reports in local networks and on the web.

About National Security Solutions

National Security Solutions is a vendor of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Financial Business System applications for use in Fixed Operations, Financials Services, Parts Sales, Leasing and Customer Relationship Management.  National Security Solutions provides companies with unique enterprise software applications, IT Services, and Cloud service solutions. 

About Contour Components 

Contour Components is a private, internationally operated company founded in 2004. The company is focused on the research and development of Business Intelligence and provides an innovative “out-of-the-box” BI Platform for interactive reporting and data analysis. Contour BI’s customer base includes more than a thousand statistical agencies, governmental institutions, banks, and corporations.


Press Release Contact:  Dustin Smith, Chief Operations Officer, National Security Solutions

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