DCI - Data Center, Inc.

20 West Second Avenue
Hutchinson, KS 67501

About DCI - Data Center, Inc.

DCI provides innovative, award-winning iCore360 core processing and related technology to hundreds of banks in all sizes, nationwide.

Founded by bankers over 50 years ago, DCI is still a privately held company owned by banks, with bankers as board members, user group leaders and employees. This makes DCI a stable partner you can trust to be there for you.

iCore360 is a fully web-endabled, advanced core software designed by bankers and skilled engineers for complete bank mangement with built-in features and options you can't find anywhere else. Best of all, it is backed by the best, most personal service available.

Take a closer look at DCI and change the way you think about core processors. Let us prove how the DCI difference can bring you a more rewarding banking experience.

We'd be honored to serve you as a part of the DCI family.

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Products by DCI - Data Center, Inc.

By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

iCore360 is a fully web-enabled, full-featured and award-winning core processing software with features and personal support you cannot find anywhere else. Designed on today's most advanced web-based architecture and Oracle database, iCore360 is easily adaptable, scalable, efficient and... Read more »

By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

DCI is a recognized leader in imaging technology and service, serving customers like you nationwide with the best in full-service image processing and remote capture. Your items and images are processed faster with more accuracy, even late in the day, by highly-trained and experienced... Read more »

By DCI - Data Center, Inc.

DCI’s InstaKey® ATM Card Services is your single solution for card and ATM services with comprehensive software, networking and service that expertly manage all of your ATM and POS transactions for you. One connection provides a single source for account entry, maintenance, card/PIN... Read more »

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