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What are your list members thinking?
Ask them in a survey!
Learn your customers' preferences so your emails are more meaningful
Create forms with an easy step-by-step approach
Link directly from your emails to the survey
Watch live results of opinion polls on your site


No need to guess what your target's hot buttons are. With Survey Builder, you can easily create custom surveys to gather opinions, preferences, buying habits and other helpful information that can help you better understand the needs and wants of your member list. With the data you receive, you can alter the services or products you offer for maximum effectiveness. And you've also given your list members another reason to interact with you.

Survey Builder works with a wizard system, meaning it takes you step by step through the process to create a form.

The results of the survey come directly to you in a report, and the information is also stored in the Delivra system.

What can you do with the results? One thing you can do is use the new information to designate segments for your members, giving you better insight into what type of information they'd like to receive from you. That way, in the future, you can send specific and personalized information to your members making them more engaged in the mailings they are receiving from you.

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